The Very Human Reason Gregg Popovich Isn’t A Fan Of Boban Marjanovic ‘MVP’ Chants

12.31.15 2 years ago 3 Comments

It came in the fourth quarter of San Antonio’s 112 – 79 blowout of the still-reeling Phoenix Suns on Wednesday night. Boban Morjanovic went to the free-throw line and heard “MVP” chants from the quiet arena (you have to turn your volume way up on the above video, since the “chants” weren’t very loud). You know Boban, we mentioned those insanely huge hands he has earlier in the week. We weren’t the only ones. Well, the backup Spurs center has developed a cult following in San Antonio, and while it’s mostly in fun, Boban’s Hall-of-Fame-bound coach isn’t a big fan.

Without prompting, here’s what coach Gregg Popovich said about the Boban MVP chants:

“Sometimes it actually worries me,” Popovich said of the phenomenon that has come to be known as “Boban Mania.” “I think the crowd, they really get a kick out of him and all that, but he’s a basketball player. He’s not some sort of an odd thing.”


“He’s a hard worker and he’s a really intelligent kid and he wants it badly,” Popovich said. “I think you can get off your game when people cheer in a certain way, over the line, for no reason.”

Pop isn’t kidding about how badly the 7’3 Serbian center works. The 27-year-old can play.

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