Bradley Beal And Other NBA Stars Were On The Edge Of Their Seats For The Gucci-Jeezy Verzuz

On Thursday night, nearly two million people tuned in to watch heated rivals face off in a highly anticipated matchup. No, not the Cardinals and Seahawks on Thursday Night Football with the NFC West lead on the line, but the Jeezy-Gucci Mane Verzuz battle, live from Magic City.

The two legendary Atlanta rappers have had a longstanding beef that escalated in the late aughts to the point of Jeezy putting a hit out on Gucci, who killed one of the men who came for him and beat a murder charge as it was determined self-defense. Nearly 15 years later, the two finally arrived on stage together for the first time at the legendary strip club for a battle that, at times, was incredibly tense with Gucci playing some of his most vicious diss tracks against Jeezy.

Among those watching and reacting along with everyone else on social media were some NBA stars like Bradley Beal and CJ McCollum, who live-tweeted their excitement — and anxiety — along with other NBA players and fans.

Gucci came out swinging with a diss track recorded specifically for the Verzuz battle, setting the tone for the next 90 minutes.

After some early Gucci diss tracks, the two settled in to play the hits, with Jeezy playing a ton from his iconic debut album Thug Motivation 101.

As the battle wore on, Andre Iguodala told the story of how his Sixers managed to beat the Hawks on a Tuesday, meaning they also beat the post-Magic City Monday “flu.”

Things were going well and then Gucci played “The Truth,” a Jeezy diss from 2013 that is as vicious as it gets talking about ex-girlfriends and his friend he killed. At that point, everyone watching grew extremely tense.

Jeezy’s response was to try to talk to Gucci and things only grew more tense, and given their history of violence between each other, there was some genuine concern things might spiral.


Jeezy’s response was to play “Get Your Mind Right” which won him over a lot of folks for the response.

But Gucci wasn’t stopping with the diss tracks just yet, which further elevated the concern.

However, at the end, it was revealed that it was something of a work all along, with the two coming together to perform “So Icy” for the first time in 15-plus years to the delight of everyone.