Guillermo From ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Continues His Desperate Quest For An Interview With LeBron

06.09.16 3 years ago

Every year, Jimmy Kimmel sends his best interviewer, Guillermo, to NBA Finals media day to ask the tough questions that nobody else is willing to ask. Sometimes he gets players to open up like we’ve never seen and sometimes he gets brutally shut down.

But the one elusive player that he’s tried (and failed) to interview many times is LeBron James, who has been a part of the last six NBA Finals media days. Guillermo continued his desperate search for an interview with LeBron at this year’s event and, for a while, it looked like his luck was about to turn around.

When Guillermo shouted his name from behind the bench, LeBron turned and looked at him before realizing what was happening. Upon noticing Guillermo, he tried to play it off like he didn’t hear him. Cold stuff.


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