H.S. Hoop Diary: L.J. Rose on visiting UNC tonight, hanging with Jordan

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Second Baptist School (Houston, TX) junior L.J. Rose is one of the most gifted point guards in the country. Despite suffering from a nagging ankle injury all summer, he still had everyone from North Carolina to Arizona trying to lure him to their schools. Fresh off surgery to repair a fracture in his fifth metatarsal, Rose has agreed to give HSH exclusive access by chronicling his thoughts in a regular diary. Here are some excerpts from his debut entry:

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… I can’t stay away from basketball so I decided to see how I would be as a coach. My high school team is in a fall league, and since it’s against the rules for our actual coaches to be there, I’ve stepped in. It’s pretty tough! We started 0-3, but I made a few adjustments and now we’ve won our last two games, so hopefully we’re on the right track. I like coaching! I thought I would be a good coach because I have a good understanding for the game. Ya know, now that I’m on this hot streak, I may just resign while I’m on top! … Just kidding, but we’ve got a big game coming up against our rivals, so I’ll see how that goes first.

It was tough to lose three games. The parents were asking me what was going on and everything. I was getting stressed out. But now I definitely respect what my coach goes through a lot more.

… It was crazy because on the first day of the contact period coaches were calling at midnight. I had gone to sleep early and woke up and saw that at 12:01 Baylor was calling me. I picked up and it was Coach (Scott) Drew! They were pretty happy that they were the first school to call me. Then I looked at my phone and at 12:02, Coach (John) Calipari was calling from Kentucky! That next morning I had about 16 missed calls and voicemails. That’s when I knew the period was gonna be hectic. Luckily it turned out not to be too bad!

I do have a few visits coming up. On Friday I’ll be going to North Carolina for “Late Night with Roy.” I’m really excited about that! I’m real close with (2011 UNC commit) James McAdoo and I know we’re gonna have a good time together. He’s a great recruiter; he’s trying to get me to come to North Carolina with him. I’m looking forward to seeing that atmosphere and everything that they have to offer down there. This will me my first time at a college other than Texas or Houston. I’m really open-minded about everything headed into this visit.

I’ve never really experienced fans chanting my name at a college like that, so I’m really looking forward to it! I know that they have a lot of the alumni come back for the event, so I’m hoping to meet some of them too. I really want to see Michael Jordan again. Our families used to vacation in the Bahamas together because he and my dad are close. We used to go over Christmas break before Marcus went to college. Those were good times! …

Click here to read the rest of L.J.’s diary, where he talks about his upcoming visits, getting back on the court, and teaches some Texas slang.

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