Hassan Whiteside Dunked And Blocked His Way To Player Of The Week At The Drew League

It’s been a big summer for newly-minted¬†Heat center Hassan Whiteside. After entering the offseason as one of the¬†most sought-after free agents on the¬†market,¬†the big¬†man elected¬†to stay in¬†Miami on a¬†max deal reportedly worth around $98¬†million over four years, which he proceeded to celebrate with a super nerdy Will Smith reference.

But it was a bittersweet occasion as his team ultimately lost Dwyane Wade amid contentious contract negotiations and still faces uncertainty about Chris Bosh’s future due to his ongoing health issues. Nevertheless, Whiteside is enjoying his summer while he can, and this past weekend, that included putting on a show at the Drew League in Los Angeles.

He dominated on both sides of court, getting easy dunk after easy dunk in the lane and, as is his wont, patrolling the paint on the other end of the floor, racking up six blocks en route to Player of the Week honors. A certain other NBA center who ended up on a pair of posters at the Drew recently should probably take a few notes for how Whiteside emphatically denied anyone who dared to meet him at the rim so as not to get put on blast for allowing a couple of no-name players to dunk all over him.