The Heat Have Reportedly ‘Retired’ Their Cursed Black Miami Vice Uniforms

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Over the past couple of seasons, the Nike City Edition uniforms have brought us some pretty incredible jersey promotions around the NBA. The way it works is that each team has a signature alternate jersey that in some way pays homage to the local history or tradition of their city.

The best, perhaps, has been the Timberwolves’ Prince-inspired uniforms, which feature the retro neon purple-and-black color scheme that is synonymous with the legendary musician, who was a native Minnesotan and resided their for most of his life.

The Miami Heat have also had great success with their Miami Vice themed jerseys as a callback to the popular ’80s cop show starring Don Johnson. The only problem was that the Heat lost more games than they won on those nights last year in their dynamite black unis, and with pro athletes being the superstitious lot that they are, they decided to ditch the jerseys at various points.
Now, it appears they may do away with them next season, according to Heat beat reporter Ira Winderman, in a response to Meyers Leonard’s tweet featuring himself sporting said uni.

There’s been no official word from the organization about whether they plan to quit the promotion altogether or whether they will simply avoid that particular colorway. Either way, at least some players were clearly ambivalent about the way they performed on the court wearing those jerseys, and even if they didn’t go so far as to call them “cursed,” the implication is clear.