This High Schooler Got T’d Up For Dancing While Dribbling But It Was Totally Worth It

02.17.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

A high schooler from Maryland earned the most entertaining technical foul at his Senior Night game, as he got hit with a T for dancing while dribbling late in a game in which his team was winning big.

Tyshawn Johnson from Kent County High School in Maryland is also a hip-hop artist and dancer that goes by “Yvng Swag” and he brought his dance moves to the basketball court. The crowd loved it as he styled on the defense with his moves, all while keeping his dribble. The defense didn’t seem overly bothered by it either, but the referee was having none of it and blew his whistle after about five seconds of his dancing and slapped him with a technical.

The crowd and Johnson found it pretty funny that the ref would T him up for dancing. This is the next evolution of basketball. We’ve already seen dancing become a staple of NBA players’ pregame routines, with none more famous than Russell Westbrook and Cameron Payne’s pregame dance session. Now I really want to see Westbrook break out his moves mid-dribble.

With the All-Star game happening Sunday night, that would be the perfect opportunity to take some inspiration from Johnson and show off some moves mid-game.

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