A High Schooler Pulled Off The Jason Williams Elbow Pass In A Game

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Try as we might, we never get tired of watching old Jason Williams highlights. White Chocolate was one of the most dazzling play-makers of the last two decades. His handle, quickness, and court vision was superseded only by his ingenuity with the basketball.

He had an uncanny ability to see plays before they materialized, and he regularly hit teammates with laser-like pinpoint passes that often caught them off-guard (we’re looking at you, Vlade) because no one else could’ve anticipated them, let alone pulled them off.

It’s hard to choose an absolute favorite highlight from his career – there’s the crossover on Gary Payton, of course, or his many behind-the-back ball fakes – but if there’s one particular play that illustrates who he was a player, it’s the elbow pass to Raef LaFrentz during the 2000 Rookie-Sophomore game.

Somehow, a North Carolina high-schooler named Antoine Lindsey managed to execute it to near-perfection in a recent game.

And here’s the original for the sake of comparison, as if you hadn’t already seen it a million times like the rest of us.

Unlike LaFrentz, who ruined what would’ve been arguably the greatest assist of all-time, Lindsey’s teammate actually finished the play. It’s nice to see young ballers out here paying homage to one of the greats. Williams is not only influencing subsequent generations, he’s passed down those incredible skills to his own progeny, Jaxon, aka White Chocolate Jr.

Williams missed most of the BIG3 tournament last summer with an injury, so let’s hope he’s healthy and ready hoop again when season two rolls around.