How To Become A Sneaker Kingpin

12.20.10 7 years ago 3 Comments
Max Silverman

Max Silverman (photo. Griffin Brahms)

Don’t knock the hustle. That scrawny, little 15-year-old pictured above may be known to his parents as Max Silverman, but feel free to refer to him as the Gordon Gekko of the sneaker game. The Wheatley School (Old Westbury, N.Y.) sophomore may not have the largest or even most exclusive sneaker collection around, but he’s found a way to take his obsession of kicks and turn it into a nice little business for himself. After constantly running into Max at New York City’s Sneaker Con and Dunkxchange events, we got up with the kid to discuss his sneaker hustle, the business aspects of the game and his entrepreneurial goals for the future.

Dime: Tell us a little about your sneaker hustle.
Max Silverman: It’s simple: I buy low and then sell high. If I can’t buy low or sell high, I trade. I’ll keep flipping and flipping sneakers until I end up with the pair I want or with some cash in my pocket.

Dime: So buy, trade, trade, trade, and then sell?
MS: Not always in that order, but that’s exactly the idea.

Dime: What’s been your biggest transaction?
MS: I found a steal on a pair of Nike Dunk SB Low White Supremes for around $200, traded a few times and ended up with a pair of What The Dunks. I had an offer for well over $700 for the those and took it, so I made an easy $500 in a few days.

Dime: What have you found to be the most efficient way of reselling?
MS: In person with cash. Besides meet-ups, I do a lot of business at events like Sneaker Con and Dunkxchange. There are a lot of people scamming online, but I will setup meetings and deal arrangements with members of and different Facebook sneaker groups.

Dime: How did you end up in the sneaker business like you have?
MS: About two years ago I got real heavy into kicks themselves, but once I saw that I could make some serious money from them, I began looking at it as not only a hobby, but a business too.

Dime: As a hobbyist, what’s your personal collection like?
MS: I wear all my kicks. Most sneakerheads just collect and keep everything deadstock, but I have heat and I’ll wear them. I’ll rock adidas to Converse to my Nike SBs to my Yeezys – and of course my Jordans.

Dime: Any holy grails missing from the collection?
MS: The black and pink Yeezys. I have the other two colorways but need those. The hype has the black and pink ones priced real high, so I’m going to have to come up on a few trades to get them at the lowest price for me.

Dime: What’s your plan for the future?
MS: I want my own consignment store one day.

Dime: What would make yours different from existing ones?
MS: I would offer my guests reasonable prices on a wide variety of kicks in all sizes. Most stores have way overpriced shoes, so mine would be the spot to go to and know that you were getting a fair price on a transaction. It goes against my “buy low, sell high” motto, but at the end of the day, I’m a legit person and I’m not trying to screw anybody over. And I wouldn’t want my store to either.

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