Isaiah Stewart Breaking Through Security Trying To Fight LeBron And The Lakers Had NBA Twitter Rolling

Sunday night’s game between the Pistons and Lakers wasn’t circled on many calendars outside of those in Detroit who got themselves tickets to go see LeBron James, Anthony Davis and company. However, it became the lead story of the sports world in the third quarter after LeBron James hit Isaiah Stewart in the eye with an elbow/fist that caused a significant cut, earned James an ejection, and saw Stewart lose it trying to fight the Lakers.

On multiple occasions, Stewart broke free from his teammates and Pistons staffers trying to escort him back to the tunnel, including one time where he broke tackles like prime Bo Jackson and got very close to some of the Lakers who were still mulling about near midcourt.

Naturally, NBA Twitter immediately turned Stewart going wild into a meme and had some hilarious reactions to his effort to get after the Lakers. There were a lot of comparisons to football, as Stewart was not to be denied in his quest to get to the Lakers, ripping through people grabbing at him.

There was, of course, a Jim Ross/Stone Cold edit, as is the law of the internet.

And plenty of Thanksgiving themed jokes.

A lot of folks also pointed out the “effort” by the one cop on the left as Stewart broke free from Cunningham, as he stuck his hand out to gently say “please stop” as if that would accomplish anything.

There were also a lot of jokes about Russell Westbrook squaring up as Stewart came barreling towards them, as he had the hands up and ready in case Stewart broke all the way through.

In fairness to him, what is he going to do to stop a man as big as Stewart? Suspensions are surely coming and happily something really bad was avoided, but it wasn’t for a lack of effort from Stewart to rumble with everyone.