Rising Celtics Star Isaiah Thomas Has A Big Fan In Allen Iverson

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The Boston Celtics have won two in a row, which isn’t usually a big deal, but in this case it’s a sign of a talented team starting to feel it. One catalyst is the return of their big free agent signing, Al “Not Kevin Durant, but still great” Horford, who is being praised for doing everything that a team needs to win. The more important factor, however, has been the MVP-caliber play of Isaiah Thomas, who is averaging 26.4 ppg this season, and dropped 29 on the Minnesota Timberwolves on Monday night. He also provided one of the best highlights of this early season (above), by showing Gorgui Dieng that size means nothing when you’ve got balls bigger than the TD Garden.

So, what’s left for a guy to do when he’s red hot and leading his team to strong wins? Humble brag on Twitter, of course.

Obviously, you can’t fault a guy for wanting to brag that Allen Iverson is texting him. Especially since it’s Thomas’s goal to be the second coming of the man he has looked up to his whole life.

Perhaps inspired by Durant’s offseason snub and the idea that they can’t land the big stars, the Celtics (and especially Thomas) are playing with a massive chip on their shoulders. As the Hawks and Hornets cool off after their surprisingly hot starts, the 8-6 Celtics have moved into fifth place in the Eastern Conference on the shoulders of Thomas, who is currently eighth in the league in scoring.

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