Isaiah Thomas Got A Lot Of Angry Tweets Meant For Isiah Thomas During ‘The Last Dance’

This week’s episodes of The Last Dance focused heavily on the rivalry between the Bulls and the Detroit Pistons, introducing us to Dennis Rodman and Phil Jackson along the way while establishing why the Bad Boys were so important to the evolution of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and the Bulls as an organization.

Jordan noted that his hate for the Pistons remains “to this day,” and in particular, he cannot get over the actions of one Isiah Thomas. Thomas, who was interviewed as well, tried to explain some of what the Pistons did, most notably the walk-off in Game 4 of the 1991 ECF, in which they walked right past the Bulls bench and off the court without shaking their hands with seven seconds left. That didn’t sit well with the Bulls, and Jordan said no explanation Thomas could say would make him think “he wasn’t an asshole.”

Naturally, this sparked the discourse once again online as to whether the vitriol towards the Bad Boys and Thomas in particular was still warranted all these years later, and caught in the middle of Jordan fans still mad about things was Isaiah Thomas. Isaiah, with two A’s, is the active player, best known for his incredible 2016-17 season in Boston before his hip injury derailed his career. Isiah, with one A, is the Hall of Famer that is hated by Bulls fans, Jordan fans, and Knicks fans (for an entirely different reason). Isaiah asked politely if folks could please stop confusing the two, because he was not the one trying to injury Michael.

To further emphasize they are two different people, he posted two pictures of he and Isiah standing next to each other.

It didn’t really help, people kept tweeting at him, even replying to these tweets telling him he was wrong for what he said in the documentary and that the Pistons suck and he sucks and Jordan rules.

It’s something he’s used to at this point, but on a night like Sunday, when the world is focused on one A Isiah, poor two A Isaiah hears it and would like you to kindly stop yelling at him for something he did not do when he was a baby.