Isaiah Thomas Doesn’t Think Lonzo Ball’s ‘Ugly As Hell’ Shot Needs Fixing

02.28.18 12 months ago

Getty Image

Lonzo Ball is no longer having a historically bad shooting season. The rookie point guard has brought his shooting percentages up to more respectable numbers after a disastrous start to his NBA career as a shooter.

This shouldn’t come as a major surprise, considering Ball was a solid shooter at the collegiate level and it was shocking how poorly he was shooting and finishing early this year. However, those struggles did lead to a lot of discussion about his unorthodox shooting form and whether the Lakers needed to do something about it.

The general consensus from within the organization was “no,” and they were clear that they would let Ball figure it out. That didn’t stop others from questioning whether someone needed to alter his form to make him more consistent. Ball’s funky release looks awkward and when he’s missing it looks downright awful, but as he’s showed recently, it can work for him.

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