Isiah Thomas Promises He Doesn’t Want To Return To The Knicks As Team President

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Knicks fans worried about Isiah Thomas coming back to the fold can rest easy — he’s not interested in replacing Phil Jackson as team president. Rumors about a return to power for Thomas surfaced on Thursday when New York Daily News reporter Frank Isola called Thomas a “dark horse candidate” for the position.

But the former team president tweeted that he’s happy with his current employment situation and isn’t interested in doing further damage to one of the NBA’s most visible franchise.


Many Knicks fans hope this is a promise from Thomas to stay away. These same fans certainly celebrated the departure of Jackson on Wednesday, but hiring Thomas again would likely be just as calamitous as Jackson was for the franchise.

It’s kind of amazing that a man who left the organization amid a sexual harassment scandal could even be a “dark horse” for the job in the first place, but these are James Dolan’s Knicks and you can never really rule anything out.

The Knicks still appear to have their first choice in the mix. Almost immediately after Jackson and the Knicks parted ways it was reported that the team wanted to bring in Masai Urajia from the Raptors front office with the hopes of rebuilding the Knicks. Whether he wants to leave or not isn’t clear yet, but it’s definitely a better option than Thomas at this point.