One Of ESPN’s Best Reporters And ‘Around The Horn’ Guests Is Leaving To Focus On Teaching

08.10.17 10 months ago


J.A. Adande has been one of ESPN’s top reporters since he joined the company full-time in 2007, leaving the Los Angeles Times for the Worldwide Leader. Adande has long been a regular on Around The Horn and expanded his role over the years to include sideline reporting on NBA broadcasts along with his work on written and televised features.

After a decade with ESPN, Adande is leaving. He’s among the hundreds that have recently left ESPN, but he’s one of the few to do so on his own terms. Adande will focus on his role as a professor and Director of Sports Journalism at Northwestern University, which he took over last year.

The move is an admirable one from Adande, who is choosing to focus on helping his students rather than trying to manage a balance of two full-time jobs. Adande took to Twitter on Thursday morning to thank a great number of people at ESPN for their help over his time with the company.

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