Jalen Rose Couldn’t Resist Making An ‘I Got Hacked’ Joke While Talking To Jay Williams

Jay Williams became the latest Twitter user to use the “I got hacked” excuse after something weird popped up on their account. Following the news that the Boston Celtics opted to hire Brooklyn Nets assistant Ime Udoka as their next head coach, Williams celebrated Udoka for becoming the first head coach of color in franchise history.

That statement is not correct — ex: Bill Russell coached the Celtics and was the first Black head coach in NBA history, Doc Rivers was in charge right before Brad Stevens — so Williams deleted his tweet and came back with the following:

Absolutely no one believed this, and apparently, fellow ESPN basketball analyst Jalen Rose is among that list of folks. The two were on set ahead of Game 3 of Clippers-Suns and spent some time discussing Game 1 of Hawks-Bucks. Williams raised a point where he was correct about how Trae Young would cook Milwaukee’s defense if it employed drop coverage against him, but Rose, being the pro that he is, slipped an “I got hacked” in there as an excuse for being wrong.

Let this be a lesson to all of us: Do not go at Jalen Rose, because he is more than happy to bring stuff like this up on national television.

(Via The Big Lead)