James Harden Threw Down For The #DriveByDunkChallenge In A Dang Speedboat

You might think the #drivebydunkchallenge is played out by now. Plenty of NBA players have given it a go, some less scripted than others. But at this point in the summer, it’s old hat.

But then James Harden does the dunk challenge in a tropical location using a dang speedboat and you reconsider just how played out the meme might be. The Houston Rockets star took up the challenge in Miami and came through in a big way, even if he left his ball behind after the dunk. When you can afford that kind of boat, you don’t need to worry about the ball. Adidas will give him another.

Harden pulled off the dunk with a little help from Foot Locker, which posted the video on its Twitter page on Thursday.

“I see everybody jumping out of cars doing the drive by dunk challenge, “ Harden said. “ But since we in Miami we have to hop out on the speedboat.”

He then snuck out of the boat and toward a basketball court where a handful of teens were playing before throwing down. It seems pretty genuine because the kids playing definitely didn’t know who dunked on their rim at first. Harden stands on the court for a few seconds before he takes off back for the boat, and you can hear the confusion in their voices grow as he runs away.

Everyone should dunk basketballs and drive off in a speedboat. The world would be a better place if everyone got to be James Harden for a bit.