JaVale McGee Got His Shaqtin’ A Fool Redemption In The First Half Of Game 3 Against The Spurs

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JaVale McGee had the half of his postseason just in time for the Golden State Warriors. While the other big Warriors stars struggled to find a rhythm, McGee had a game-high 16 in the first half that helped push the pace in Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals.

The score didn’t look so impressive at the half, but it was a quick start for him: he got into double digits before anyone else got close on Saturday.

It was a breakout performance for McGee, who doubled up his point total in the entire postseason in two quarters on Saturday night.

The performance had to be satisfying for McGee, who has been a Shaqtin’ a Fool All-Star for some time now. In fact, he appeared so many times on the feature that he basically started a feud with Shaq, one that included a Twitter beef that even Kevin Durant had to get involved in. Things got so bad—and so vulgar—that Shaq’s mom had to get involved and squash the beef.

Things seem to be better now, but that doesn’t mean the internet forgot McGee’s past when witnessing his impressive present.

Golden State pulled away with a huge effort from Kevin Durant in the third quarter, but it was McGee that set the table for Golden State to hit the gas and pull away.