The Reason Jaylen Brown Dunked On A Camper Will Make Celtics Fans Fall In Love With Him

Jaylen Brown was a controversial selection by the Boston Celtics. They took him third overall based largely on potential and physical attributes. His one season at Cal left a lot to be desired, and his statistic projections do not bode well. What Brown does have, though, is a killer instinct, which was on display recently when he dunked on a child.

Brown was part of a clinic the Celtics put on for kids. Mostly, it was about what you would expect. He helped kids through drills, gave them some advice, and took pictures. One child, though, had a different experience. Brown took him on one-on-one, crossed him over, blew by him, and dunked. The fact Brown could do this is not a surprise. He is, after all, a professional basketball player. Thus, the question is, why did Brown decide to dunk on a child?

He offered up this explanation: “You have to have that instinct. He challenged me and I just blacked out. He said, ‘You ain’t good.’ He said Ben Simmons is better. So I said alright, OK.” That’s all it took Brown to decide to put a child in his place. That sort of intensity and competitiveness is all well and good, but Brown still has a lot to prove on the NBA court. Very few children will be trying to guard him there.

Amazingly, this isn’t even the first child to get dunked on by an adult THIS WEEK. Life is good.

(Via Masslive)