Celtics Rookie Jayson Tatum Suffered A Nasty Dislocated Finger On His Shooting Hand

Getty Image

Jayson Tatum has been a revelation for the Boston Celtics so far during his rookie season. While Markelle Fultz has been sidelined with shoulder issues and Lonzo Ball has struggled to find his shot, Tatum has been an incredibly efficient scorer who has given the Celtics a dynamic option on the perimeter.

So when Tatum went down with an injury to his right hand, Boston fans probably held their collective breaths. The Celtics are taking on the Miami Heat, and during the first quarter of their game, Tatum suffered a dislocated finger.

Below is a picture of Tatum’s right hand after the injury.

(WARNING: If you are of the faint of heart, I highly recommend not looking at this.)

So this is incredibly gross, and if Tatum decided to take the rest of the night off so he could recover from the injury, no one would really blame him. But instead of doing that, Tatum got it popped back into place, wrapped up, and made his way back to the bench so he could return to the game.

While having a dislocated pinky is probably the easiest finger injury to recover from, Tatum still deserves credit for shaking this off. Also, if you are playing the Heat, be warned that someone is either going to get sick or injured, whether they be on the floor or in the stands.