Jeremy Lin Explains Why He Was ‘Very, Very Sad’ About Leaving The Knicks In 2012

07.24.16 2 years ago
Jeremy Lin

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If Jeremy Lin was sick of talking about New York, he probably wouldn’t have moved back there. The new Brooklyn Nets point guard still looks back wistfully on his explosive time with Manhattan’s Knicks, speaking nostalgically of Linsanity in a recent interview.

“I was really, really sad,” Lin told the New York Post, when asked about his departure from the Knicks. “I was sad the way everything went down, ’cause nothing happened the way I thought it was going to. I had wished that they had offered me a contract just in the beginning, and that didn’t even happen. And then, when I found out that they weren’t gonna match, I was even more sad, ’cause honestly, I wanted to finish my career there.”

Lin goes on to say that his time with Nets is not a continuation of Linsanity, but a new chapter, and he also answers a slew of questions more political than what an NBA player usually sees. Such is Lin’s career: A perfect storm of New York media, being the first prominent Asian-American in the league, and playing point guard in an era when the position all but rules the league.

Whether he ever asked for it or not, Lin has long been a figure who stands for much more than basketball. He handles that pressure well.

(via New York Post)

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