Jerry Sloan Has No Beef With Carlos Boozer

09.02.09 9 years ago 27 Comments

Carlos Boozer

Being a Jazz fan can be very dramatic. We hold Kevin Federline-sized grudges and we take everything personally. Karl Malone wants to leave us for the Lakers? We hate you and will boo you. Rony Seikaly and Derek Harper don’t want to play in Salt Lake because of the lack of nightlife? Ditto.

Right now, Carlos Boozer is comfortably holding down the top spot on Jazz fans’ sh*t list. Previous to this summer, Boozer was already skating on thin ice with Utah fans because they feel his play is inconsistent, he doesn’t play hurt and he always expresses his interest in playing for Miami. Boozer’s inability to keep his mouth shut this summer was the final straw for Jazz nation.

Boozer told reporters earlier this offseason that the Jazz agreed to trade him – a claim Jazz officials deny. His quote about wanting to play in Miami because of tax reasons also didn’t sit well with fans. No doubt, things will get awkward come training camp if he is still there. After locking up Paul Millsap to a long-term deal, Utah’s front office would love to rid themselves of Boozer’s contract and questionable attitude.

One person who isn’t going to be sensitive about the situation if Boozer reports to camp is Jerry Sloan. Today, the legendary coach told Ross Siler of the Salt Lake Tribune that, “That’s a part of basketball. I could have had hard feelings with Karl Malone if I had wanted to a few times. My job is to coach whoever walks across this line. And that’s all we do is do the best we can and hopefully be a good basketball team.”

That’s why I love Sloan so much. He’s above the pettiness and he’s all about taking care of business. I bet he’d even coach John Amaechi again if need be.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

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