Jerry Stackhouse Pokes Some Angry Holes In The Story That Michael Jordan Used To Sing To Him

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If you pay attention to basketball then you know Michael Jordan has always had a soft spot for Jerry Stackhouse. Both are North Carolina alums and Jordan even went so far as to trade Rip Hamilton to Detroit for Stackhouse when he was both playing and making decisions for the Washington Wizards. Oops.

The point is that one of Stackhouse’s former teammates with the Sixers, Roshown McLeod, told a story a few months back of Jordan serenading Stack with “Giving You the Best That I’ve Got” by Anita Baker during a game once. And it all seems totally believable thanks to MJ’s clear affection for his fellow Tar Heel. But Stack isn’t having it, and it’s not even because McLeod went to Duke.

“Lies,” Stack told TMZ at LAX recently when asked about it. “I called him and checked him on that. It never happened. He (McLeod) apologized, said he just got caught up in the moment.”

The TMZ sleuths take Stack at his word — and while we’re here, you would too given the fact that Stack was one of the most fearsome NBA players to ever put on a uniform and would likely give you a first-class beatdown if you argued with him — and go on to ask the 41-year-old, former No. 3 overall pick why anyone would make up a story like that. Stack tells them that maybe it just sounded “cool” and that he “let him live with it.”

Stackhouse will be coaching the Toronto Raptors D-League affiliate this season. It feels safe to assume that he won’t let his players pump any Anita Baker in the locker room.

(via TMZ)