Jimmy Butler Says Markelle Fultz ‘Has My Respect’ And Thinks Problems Are Likely Mental

11.13.18 6 months ago

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Jimmy Butler was officially introduced as a member of the 76ers on Tuesday morning in Philadelphia at a press conference with Elton Brand, owner Josh Harris, and Justin Patton.

Unsurprisingly, Butler got the bulk of the questions and much of it was standard introductory press conference fare. He was asked how he thinks he fits with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons — shocker, he thinks it’ll go great. He was asked about how he thinks he is as a teammate — again, stunningly, he thinks he’s a great teammate. He was asked about his desire to win a championship — he wants to win one really bad, folks.

For the most part, there weren’t too many incredible revelations from Butler, which is to be expected in this setting. The most interesting question and answer, at least to me, were about Markelle Fultz and what Butler thought of the second year guard from afar and his well-known struggles with his shot.

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