Jimmy Butler Seriously Believes He Would Make A Good NFL Wide Receiver

It’s always amazing how people in one sport think they would dominate another sport despite the fact that, you know, they don’t play said sport. The entire Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather thing is a perfect example of this: McGregor would wreck Mayweather in an MMA-style fight, whereas Mayweather would wipe the floor with McGregor in a boxing match. That’s not to put the potential loser down, it’s more that the other dude has trained his entire life in that one discipline while the other person has not.

Another example of this is that Jimmy Butler is apparently 10,000 percent convinced that he would be an outstanding wide receiver. In a video from a recent USA Basketball shoot around, Butler claims that he could take the spots of guys like Demaryius Thomas and Antonio Brown if he wasn’t busy trying to win an Olympic medal.

Of course, this is absurd, and when Butler’s USA teammates are made aware of his statement, they rip into him (to be fair, we know that Butler can shred a defensive back the caliber of Klay Thompson, but that’s about it). The best is Kevin Durant, who with the straightest face that you’ll ever see says “He’s an idiot. Jimmy’s an idiot.” Then, to really drive the point home, KD called Butler over and said to his face that he is an idiot and said that he has no faith in his teammate’s ability to play football.

Thomas also weighs in, saying that Butler claiming that he’s a better receiver is similar to what would happen if Thomas claimed he was better at basketball. Eventually Butler takes a step back, saying he might have exaggerated that he’s better than the two All-Pro caliber receivers he called out. While it is fun to imagine Butler – who is 6’7″ and a really good athlete – trying out football, hopefully he sticks to basketball, where we know he’s a star. Oh, and hopefully every time Butler ever tries to talk smack on anyone, Durant is there to put him in his place, because Disgusted Kevin Durant is the best Kevin Durant.