Jimmy Butler Had Reportedly Told Tom Thibodeau He Didn’t See A Future In Minnesota Before This Week

09.21.18 11 months ago

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The Minnesota Timberwolves are a bit of a mess right now. They want to keep Jimmy Butler. Well, to be more specific, head coach and general manager Tom Thibodeau wants to keep Butler in Minnesota.

But the guard wants out, and he’s got a small list of teams he’s interested in going to. The problem with all that is, well, it’s just not that simple, and though teams are inquiring about what it would take to get Butler on their roster, training camp is creeping up and the clock is ticking.

But a report indicates this isn’t the first time Butler has noted the end of his tenure with the Timberwolves. Though Butler was acquired last summer, his free agency is ever-looming, and apparently he’s told his former Bulls coach that he’s considering options beyond Minnesota.

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