Jimmy Butler’s Trade Request Could Spell The End Of Tom Thibodeau’s Time In Minnesota

09.20.18 8 months ago

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Tom Thibodeau’s TimberBulls dreams fell apart before they could even really get started thanks to Jimmy Butler’s trade request. Of all the former Bulls that Thibs had brought in to Minnesota over the past two summers, Butler was by far the most impactful on a team’s success in 2018.

Taj Gibson, Derrick Rose, and Luol Deng — likely in that order — offer less than Butler in what they can do now on the basketball court, and without Butler the Wolves’ hopes of reaching the playoffs in consecutive years will take a significant hit. The question is what Minnesota will be able to get for Butler, which, given the situation, will likely be something similar to what Indiana got for Paul George last summer (or what Chicago got for Butler).

That is to say, there likely won’t be any mind-blowing trade packages out there that one will be able to say with certainty that the Wolves are getting full value back for Butler’s talent level. Beyond that, it remains to be seen whether Thibodeau will want the types of players and assets other teams are willing to give him.

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