J.J. Redick Wants To Hear New Trash Talk

05.04.09 10 years ago 25 Comments

J.J. Redick hears so much trash from fans every time he visits a new arena, he’s asking fans to try to bring something new, something better than the usual tonight at TD Banknorth Garden.

“I just want some creativity, that’s all I want,” Redick said Saturday. “I haven’t heard creative things since college. Like really, I don’t know if it’s the alcohol consumption at NBA games, but there’s nothing remotely creative or funny ever said to me. It’s boring. I’m so conditioned to it now.”

In the biggest game of his life – especially if he’s starting in Courtney Lee‘s place – Redick is asking for people to yell more creative obscenities at him? Sure he sunk five three’s in a key Game Six win over the Sixers, but now he’s asking for some of the League’s craziest fan to bust out their craziest insults?

I thought this dude was bizarre before, but this is another step. Maybe he just doesn’t realize what fans are like in the Boston Garden (TD Banknorth, whatever) during playoff time. But he’ll definitely get what he’s asking for. And they’ll get on him for everything – whether it’s his “My New Haircut,” his Jersey Shore look, his lack of success, and even his family. At least he’ll have an excuse if he has a bad night shooting now.

Source: SI

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