Joel Embiid Desperately Wanted Chandler Parsons To Hit Up The Woman In His DMs

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Much love Dallas.

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Chandler Parsons was not expecting to get a warm reception during his return to Dallas on Friday night. At least one fan showed him some love, though, and Joel Embiid didn’t want him to miss out on the opportunity, because Embiid enjoys terrorizing Parsons on social media.

Parsons told ESPN that he didn’t understand why, but he anticipated to get some hate from Mavericks fans as the Grizzlies went on the road for the first time this year. It was an ugly basketball game, but Memphis came out on top, 80-64. Parsons was the team’s leading scorer, as he put up 12 points in 23 minutes.

After the game, Parsons posted a picture to Instagram of a female fan telling him to check his DMs (with a very nice scoreboard in the background). This led to Embiid, the league’s most well-known advocate for sliding into DMs, commenting on the picture with some advice for the Mavericks’ wing.

When Embiid first came into the league, he was more well-known for his potential and his desire to tell female celebrities to slide into his DMs than he was for his ability as a basketball player thanks to a series of foot injuries that cost him his first two years as a pro. Even though he’s playing now and showing off why he’s such a tantalizing prospect, Embiid has not let that stop him from occasionally being silly, especially with regards to DMs. Yet again, he used Instagram as his medium of choice for goofing off.