Joel Embiid Says He Considered Quitting The NBA After His First Year In The League

12.06.18 6 months ago

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It may have taken Joel Embiid a little while to get his career going, but once the big man got on the floor, he became an immediate star. What’s really weird to think about is that there was a chance none of it happened, because while the 76ers star is a force to be reckoned with now, he almost quit the sport of basketball altogether.

Back at Kansas, when Embiid was still getting his basketball career off the ground, he almost quit after getting dunked on in a scrimmage. Of course, his time in college panned out and he became a top prospect in the 2014 NBA Draft and very likely would have gone first if not for a back injury. Then, after reaching the league, Embiid needed foot surgery. Dealing with injuries, along his brother passing away back in Cameroon in a car accident, Embiid almost quit the NBA entirely.

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