Joel Embiid Had A Rare Missed Opportunity To Talk Trash On Twitter

12.13.17 1 year ago

Joel Embiid is known almost as much for his off-court antics as for anything he’s done during an NBA game. He lives to talk trash, and his verbal jabs often spill over into social media, where he has absolutely no reservations about letting his adolescent humor shine through.

Case in point: he wasn’t above making a 69 joke earlier this season when a reporter asked him how close he was to being back to full strength. Yes, it’s low-hanging fruit, but it made the 13-year-old in all of us smile. Except for Jalen Rose, that is, who tried to call out the young center for it on television, only to have it backfire spectacularly when Embiid quickly transformed it into a joke about Kobe’s legendary 81-point game (during which Rose was, of course, his primary defender).

The point is, Embiid rarely misses an opportunity to drag his opponents, which is why it was so surprising that his latest tweet about the Sixers’ win over the Timberwolves – which was just begging for a bad pun – offered us no such bounty.

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