Joel Embiid Is Motivated To Dominate Opponents So He Can ‘Talk Sh*t’ On Social Media After

11.29.17 2 years ago

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Joel Embiid is one of the NBA’s budding young stars. After teasing fans with an awe-inspiring rookie season that was again cut short after 31 games by injury, Embiid has come out in 2017-18 and built on that success with more frequent play and, to this point, similar incredible production.

His play on the court is a major factor in him becoming a star, but his social media presence separates him from so many others in the league. Where some players are a mystery, Embiid at least feels like an open book. His constant tweets and Instagram posts taking jabs at opponents brings trash talk to the public, who can see it plainly and revel in the pettiness, rather than trying to read lips when players bark at each other on the court.

For Embiid, those social media posts are a motivational tool for himself as much as they are for opponents. He knows he’ll be on the receiving end of trash talk and when that happens or someone tries to push him around, it offers him a little added juice. Not just to shut them up, but Embiid revels in the opportunity to hop on social media and, as he tells it, “talk sh*t.”

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