Fans Went Nuts When The Sixers Introduced Joel Embiid As ‘The Process’

11.01.16 1 year ago

Joel Embiid was a fan favorite in Philadelphia before ever setting foot on an NBA floor, but now that he is a factor on a nightly basis, the buzz around the rangy 7-footer continues to grow. On Tuesday, Embiid was introduced as the starting center for the 76ers and, over the course of that introduction, his nickname of “The Process” made its way into the proceedings.

As you can see above, the in-arena reaction was quite raucous for Embiid as he made his way through his teammates and on to the floor. Soon after, the former Kansas big man validated that reaction. Embiid posted 10 points, six rebounds, and three blocked shots in the first half of the game against the Orlando Magic. His defensive impact was captured in those three ferocious rejections.

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