Joel Embiid Let Sixers Fans Know The Process Will Continue In His First Tweet After Signing an Extension

10.10.17 1 year ago


Joel Embiid will be a member of the Philadelphia 76ers for a long time. On Monday evening, word dropped that Embiid and the Sixers had agreed to a massive contract extension that will pay him up to $178 million over five years. Despite Embiid’s checkered injury history, Philadelphia ultimately decided that it was worth keeping someone they identify as the face of their franchise in town for the foreseeable future.

Because he is a 23 year old who just got paid more money than most people can fathom, Embiid was understandably excited about the payday. After the clock turned to Tuesday, Embiid took to Twitter and expressed his love for the city that he calls home. And because he’s Joel Embiid, he made sure to shout out The Process.

Yes, giving this kind of cash to someone who has played 31 games in three years is a massive risk, and anyone who doesn’t acknowledge this is fooling themselves. But when Embiid is healthy and on the floor, he is a legitimately dominant two-way center who can stretch the floor and do just about anything.

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