Coach Cal Tells Colin Cowherd What We’ve All Been Thinking About His John Wall Hate

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06.05.15 15 Comments
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Finally, someone stepped up and called out Colin Cowherd on his crap and told him to quit with the John Wall beef. Cowherd’s grudge with Wall is long and storied, and he’s even been criticized by his colleagues for his strange fascination with the Wizards All-Star point guard.

The man to finally do the job? Wall’s college coach, John Calipari. Coach Cal went on Cowherd’s radio show and told him point blank: Stop with the weird, compulsive hatred of Wall doing the Dougie five years ago.

“You’ve got to stop on John Wall. You’re out of your mind. He did something six years ago when he was 19 years old. He does a dance. What was the name of the dance? Stop. That was seven years ago.”

After a little interjection, Coach Cal circled right back to it.

“And that’s why I come back to with you. You’re like that guy that’s hooked on this thing about the Dougie, so it’s driving you crazy. You’ve got to go to church, ask for forgiveness. Let it go by. Let it go. Forgive.”

Then, he finished with this zinger, emphasis mine:

“Hey, you do a great job. I like you and how you do your job. You have your convictions — most of them wrong — but you do have your convictions, and you speak about them. You do a great job.”

Cowherd and Calipari laughed the whole exchange off and continued their conversation, but a lot of truth is said in jest. It probably won’t work, and Cowherd will keep going right at Wall all next season, but at least somebody finally said it to him.

(Via Washington Post)

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