This Video Of Jordan Clarkson Draining 30-Footers With Ease Will Make Lakers Fans Swoon

The Los Angeles Lakers are going to shoot a lot of threes next season. They were a middle of the road team in that department in 2015-16, coming in 13th in the NBA with 24.6 threes per game. Part of this was because ex-head coach Byron Scott was a known hater of threes. Oh, and it didn’t help that the Lakers were the worst team in the league at hitting shots from downtown, connecting on a cool 31.7 percent of their attempts from three last year.

But in comes a new coach in Luke Walton, who was Steve Kerr’s right hand man in Golden State over the last few years. He will probably let highly-regarded rookie forward Brandon Ingram fire away, because Ingram knocked down 41 percent of his threes during his one year at Duke. He’ll also probably let D’Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson shoot at their leisure – both guys were alright from three last year, hitting 35.1 percent and 34.7 percent of their attempts from long distance, respectively.

But Russell shot well after the All-Star game, hitting nearly 39 percent of his threes. Clarkson, meanwhile, is apparently spending his summer working on his range out to 30 feet. Seriously, look at how effortlessly these jumpers look for Clarkson, who has gone from a second-round pick in the 2014 Draft to one of the most underrated players in the NBA.

It goes without saying, but if Clarkson can hit shots with any consistency from Steph Curry range, it’s going to make the Lakers a really fun team to watch. At the very least, they’ll be a team with a guy who hoists up a lot of shots from downtown, which is usually a good time.