Jordan Clarkson Helped A Food Truck Get Repainted After It Was Vandalized With Racist Slurs

Jordan Clarkson has found a home in Salt Lake City, as the former Lakers and Cavs guard has finally found a team in Utah that fully embrace what he brings as a scorer off the bench and is thriving for the top-seeded Jazz. Clarkson signed a new deal with the Jazz last offseason and rewarded them with a career-year in 2020-21, earning Sixth Man of the Year honors as their instant offense off the bench.

Clarkson is also a Filipino-American, playing for the Philippines national team at the 2018 Asian Games, and as he sets roots down in Utah he’s working to help out his Filipino community in Salt Lake. As has become a far too common occurrence over the last year, a food truck in Salt Lake City was recently vandalized with racist anti-Asian slurs, which led to Clarkson stepping up to help the Yum Yum Food Truck get a new paint job and get detailed after being the victims of an anti-Asian attack.

The food truck owners offered their appreciation for Clarkson, who called for an end to AAPI hate and stood in solidarity with the Filipino community in Utah. Clarkson also said he is looking forward to visiting the food truck to get a plate soon.

It’s great work from Clarkson to help out in this way, but that it’s needed in the first place is an unfortunate reminder of how prevalent racism against Asian-Americans is at this moment.

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