Could J.R. Smith Get A Role In ‘Space Jam 2’?

05.08.16 3 years ago 2 Comments
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Earlier this week, we discussed which NBA stars would make the best Monstars in the upcoming Space Jam sequel starring LeBron James. Now it seems at least one of those selections, J.R. Smith, has already been contacted by the film’s producers about including him in the project.

According to TMZ Sports, Smith’s agent says there’s “mutual interest” regarding his client’s involvement in the movie. Though nothing is official and details are sparse, it’s believed that Smith would voice an animated character in the film — possibly one of the Monstars. I guess you could say Space Jam 2  is trying to get the pipes.

The two sides are hoping to strike a deal at some point in the near future, though Smith’s agent said “it all depends on the deal.”

Smith seems like an obvious candidate for a role in the film. Not only is he one of the more unique personalities in basketball, he also is a teammate and F.O.L. (Friend Of LeBron) and that connection goes a long way. It would also be a pretty smart move by James, who should know more than anyone at this point that it’s hard to accomplish great things without getting a little help from your friends.

(Via TMZ Sports)

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