Karl-Anthony Towns ‘Hasn’t Been In A Good Place’ As His Family Has Been Devastated By COVID-19

It’s been a devastating year for millions of Americans, as the pandemic has led to death, unemployment, financial distress, mental health issues, housing instability, and so much more. The challenges of navigating this new reality have taken their toll, in one way or another, but the fallout has unfortunately been significantly more devastating for some.

Many across the country have been unable to visit sick and dying loved ones during the lockdown, while more than a quarter-million people have been faced with the grief of losing family members as a direct result of the deadly virus. And no one is being spared, as the disease targets all age groups and demographics, including athletes, celebrities, and politicians.

Back in April, Karl-Anthony Towns lost his mother to COVID-19, and the immense grief has only been compounded as six other family members have apparently died from the virus since then. It’s an unimaginable tragedy that has understandably left Towns in a difficult place emotionally.

Towns and the Timberwolves are gearing up for the start of the new season on December 22, just as cases of the virus continue to soar in various places around the country. It’s unclear exactly when fans might be able to return to arenas, as some teams like the Lakers are closing their doors indefinitely, while others are in the process of proposing plans that might eventually permit reduced numbers of fans back in their buildings.

Regardless, the pandemic is far from over, and Towns’ experience is a heartbreaking reminder of the reality of the situation in America that we should all take this as seriously as possible and do whatever we can to help stem the spread.