This Is Probably The Mean Tweet Karl Malone Refused To Read On ‘Kimmel’

The latest edition of Kimmel‘s Mean Tweets gave the NBA’s best another round of internet poison to react to, but one former player wasn’t having it during the segment. Much like his other appearances on the show, Karl Malone was not keen on reading his tweet and taking part in the buffoonery. This doesn’t mean Karl Malone is above having fun, it just means that Karl Malone doesn’t do Twitter and those mean tweets. It’s not Karl Malone’s thing.

Well as it turns out, this wasn’t just a fun bit between Kimmel and Karl Malone. It easily could’ve been and was funny enough by itself, but there apparently was a real tweet to be read for the former Utah Jazz great. Thanks to some internet sleuthing and the username used in the segment, folks were able to search down all of the mentions of Malone on the account. That means it would be one of the following:

If I had to pick one that you’d likely hear on Jimmy Kimmel Live, I’d go with the one about Malone being a hillbilly. That doesn’t mean it is offensive or anything, it just means that the others don’t really have that mean tweets feel to them. As for the person behind it, they’re well aware what they did and want Malone to know it wasn’t personal.

Really, the whole thing is nothing worse than what Kimmel has said or done to Malone in the past. Every Karl Malone sketch on The Man Show was worse than this tweet, so the route taken with this segment was the right way to go.

(H/T Bro Bible)