Kawhi Leonard Has Never Been More Relatable Than Looking Miserable At The Clippers Arena Groundbreaking

Kawhi Leonard is a Fun Guy. He had a whole marketing campaign about it and everything, so you know it’s true.

While the Clippers star forward is known for his stoic nature, he is, by all accounts from teammates and coaches, a guy who enjoys joking around and having fun, he just doesn’t quite express that joy as frequently many of us do. However, on Friday, there was no mistaking the facial expressions of Leonard, who found himself sitting through a Fitz and the Tantrums concert at the groundbreaking ceremony for the Intuit Dome, where the Clippers will play their games starting in 2024-25.

Poor Kawhi (and Paul George) is going through something all of us have at some point or another, where we have been obligated to be somewhere but are downright miserable.

That is the face of a man who was told he needed to be somewhere for work “for just a few minutes” and finds himself trapped in an hours-long meeting that he wanted no part of to begin with. It is, arguably, the most relatable Kawhi has ever been — well, this and the coupon hoarding. Kawhi’s misery, naturally, became fodder for Twitter jokes, not simply because it was funny that Kawhi was clearly not enjoying himself, but because it’s a situation everyone’s been in, which led to some very specific and personal jokes about being trapped at an event you don’t want to be at.

Even LeBron found it hilarious, as he can both empathize with this situation and also it gives him a chance to troll the Clippers a bit.

And of course, someone gave Kawhi the Curb theme treatment.