Kelly Olynyk Led The Celtics In Some Locker-Room Dancing After They Beat The Warriors


There is no denying the Celtics have surpassed most reasonable expectations this season. There’s no greater example of that then Friday nights win over the Golden State Warriors in Oakland, either. The Celtics broke the Warriors home-game winning streak with a thrilling 109-106 victory.

To celebrate, big man Kelly Olynyk led the team in some dancing – if that’s what you want to call it. His moves look more like a lesson on how to use a broom, but the guys get a kick out of it anyway and Evan Turner posted it on his Instagram.

Maybe the Golden State Warriors have been too busy pranking each other and then getting revenge instead of focusing on the game. This seems like a good wake up call for Golden State with only six games left in the season and a lot of legacy to still be defined.

Meanwhile, Boston is hitting their stride just in time for the playoffs. Currently sitting sixth in the east and with only one game separating them from third in the playoff standings, this could give the Celtics the confidence to move up in the East within the last few games of the season – even if Olynyk’s dance moves don’t.