Reflect On Kenny Anderson’s Georgia Tech Days With This Exclusive Clip From ‘Mr. Chibbs’

There was a time when Georgia Tech basketball was legitimately terrifying thanks to a trio called the “Lethal Weapon 3.” It was comprised of Kenny Anderson, Dennis Scott, and Brian Oliver, and in 1990, the three stars helped carry the Yellow Jackets the Final Four.

This exclusive clip from Mr. Chibbs looks back on that group. Mr. Chibbs is the documentary about Anderson, who went from a New York City icon in high school, to a college star, to a talented but troubled NBA player, to where he is now—a man who’s trying to help others as he tries to better himself.

The film was written, directed, and produced by Jill Campbell alongside producer/executive producer Barry Greenstein. As Anderson told us back in October, he wanted to do this film after he took a step back and saw some of the problems that people all across the world face. According to Anderson, “I dealt with all that. I said ‘Who would be a better person to get this stuff out there?’ I fought with my demons. Lost X amount of money, did that. But [I] never lost sight in who I am.”

You can read our full review of the documentary here. If you’re interested in seeing the film, Mr. Chibbs will be shown for a week starting on Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at the IFC Center in New York City.