Kent Bazemore Couldn’t Help But Laugh When He Saw Dwight Howard’s Mismatch

Kent Bazemore has been stealing our hearts with his irresistible “Baze Gaze” for some time now, but this is a different animal entirely. On Sunday afternoon during the Hawks-Knicks game at Madison Square Garden, the #BazedGod got the ball at the top of the key and, recognizing that teammate Dwight Howard had a truly unfortunate mismatch on the block, couldn’t contain his glee before lobbing it up for an easy alley-oop jam.

The man on the business end of that highlight happened to be none other than Marshall Plumlee, who just hours earlier got called up at the last second and had to fight his way through New York City traffic to make it to the game for his NBA debut.

The Knicks, however, would get the last laugh as they got the 104-94 win. Plumlee logged zero points in five minutes of action and grabbed a single rebound.

Howard finished with strong double-double – 18 points and 18 rebounds – while Bazemore added 12 points on 4-of-11 shooting. Carmelo Anthony led the way for the Knicks with 31 points and was 4-of-8 from downtown, while Kristaps Porzingis continued his stellar all-around play with 19 points on 8-of-15 from the field to go along with 11 rebounds for the game.