Kevin Durant Scolded ‘Blog Boys’ Worried About Analytics For Not Watching Enough Basketball

03.28.18 10 months ago

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Kevin Durant is tired of reading things like this reciting the things he’s said in interviews. He knows pretty much anything he says will get aggregated because he’s one of the best players in the NBA and he isn’t afraid to speak honestly about things.

Durant is likely returning from injury on Thursday, but while he was on the mend he appeared on the Bill Simmons Podcast on Wednesday, part one of a massive episode he recorded with Simmons earlier in the week.

The Golden State Warriors superstar is always a solid interview, especially in podcast form, and he had plenty to say about a variety of issues. His main gripe, though, came about “blog boys” and people obsessed with statistics who he claims aren’t watching the game.

“I don’t like analytics at all,” Durant said. “I like field goal percentage defense, I like field goal percentage, I like turnovers, I like rebounds — the real stats. The true shooting percentage and effective field goal percentage and all that stuff. Come on man. It’s flawed. PER. It’s flawed.”

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