Kevin Durant Was ‘Despondent’ After Winning His First Ring With The Warriors

07.02.19 2 weeks ago

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In the aftermath of Kevin Durant’s departure from Golden State, there’s been an effort to unpack just what happened. There’s been reports that Durant struggled to find his place in what was always Steph Curry’s team. There have been rumors that Durant was upset with how the Warriors treated him after he quite literally ruptured his Achilles trying to win them another ring. But an anecdote in a recent piece on the end of this chapter of the Warriors dynasty from ESPN’s Zach Lowe might give us the best insight into Durant’s psyche yet.

The Warriors won the 2017 NBA Finals, earning Durant his very first NBA championship. Finally reaching the mountaintop is thought to be the peak of a player’s career, especially for Durant, who had gotten so close in Oklahoma City but failed to finish. Instead, the opposite happened. The feelings of joy and accomplishment Durant thought he’d experience escaped him. From Lowe’s piece:

Durant spent part of the summer after that first championship working with Steve Nash, a Warriors consultant. Nash was struck by Durant’s despondency.

“He didn’t have a great summer,” Nash told me last year. “He was searching for what it all meant. He thought a championship would change everything and found out it doesn’t. He was not fulfilled.”

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