Kevin Durant Reportedly Challenged Draymond Green To Control His Emotions Better

01.21.19 5 months ago

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When Kevin Durant and Draymond Green had their very public argument on the bench in a Nov. 12 loss to the Clippers, it led to a lot of questions about the future of the Warriors. Can Green and Durant co-exist, is Durant even going to stay once he hits free agency, or will this be what finally destroys the unstoppable Warriors?

Some of those questions can’t be answered until the end of the season, but rumors of the Warriors demise appear to have been greatly exaggerated. Golden State is back to looking dominant once again, and it appears that Durant and Green have found a way to co-exist with one another. The solution to this was, of course, them sitting down and discussing it in a better forum than on the bench in the midst of a heated overtime game.

They laid out what was leading to their problems with each other and how they could be resolved. Green is concerned with how Durant is approaching free agency, which is to be expected, but Durant had an interesting response for Green. He wanted him to better control his emotions.

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