Kevin Durant Said It’s ‘Easy’ To Stand Out When You Play With Bad Teammates

06.10.18 1 year ago

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Kevin Durant has said he doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone, especially now that he’s a two-time NBA champion and Finals MVP. The trophies clearly matter to him, and on Friday night he explained how he considers himself worthy to speak to some of the league’s greatest ever as a peer.

That doesn’t mean he won’t justify himself to others, though. Even with the titles, skeptics claim Durant’s achievements are tainted by his own agency. In moving to the Warriors, he took the easy way out. But as it turns out, Durant disagrees with that pretty strongly.

Durant gave a wide-ranging interview to Yahoo Sports on Friday after the Warriors locked up their third title in four years. In it, Durant looked back on his role in the dynasty and what it meant to join Golden State two summers ago.

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