Kevin Durant And Enes Kanter’s Trash Talking Didn’t End When The Game Did

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The Kevin Durant vs. Russell Westbrook vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder vs. the world narrative has a lot of potential to be fun, unless Durant and everyone else ruins it. It’s been nearly four months yet Westbrook and the Thunder continue to act like jilted lovers that lash out every time they think about how happy their ex is with someone new.

In their first meeting of the season Thursday, the Warriors drubbed the Thunder, 122-96, with Durant dropping 39 points. Near the end of the game, Enes Kanter, who played three minutes, had a lot to say to Durant on the court:

After the game, Durant fired back at Kanter with this press conference jab:

Durant is referencing the endless stream of “I’m not mad, I’m laughing” tweets from Kanter during the summer.

Kanter didn’t have anything cute to say after the game on Twitter, which is understandable after you just lost by 26 points.

(Anthony Slater on Twitter)