Kevin Durant Shared A Hug With His Mom After The Bucks Took Down The Nets In Game 7

Kevin Durant did everything in his power to get the Brooklyn Nets to the Eastern Conference Finals, although ultimately, the team came up just short. Durant was spectacular, scoring an NBA Game 7 record 48 points with nine rebounds and six assists, but it was not quite enough, as the Milwaukee Bucks picked up a thrilling 115-111 overtime victory.

Still, Durant is going to receive a ton of praise for him performance, both in this game and throughout the series against the Bucks, where he gave Milwaukee every single thing it could handle. And after it ended, Durant shared a heartwarming moment with his mother, Wanda, known lovingly by NBA fans as “the real MVP.” The two hugged on the floor once the result became inevitable, with Wanda appearing to offer up some encouragement.

It wasn’t the only time the cameras caught Wanda on the night, as we got a wonderful clip involving herself and Bucks forward PJ Tucker. While he’s on the other team and needed to harass Durant all series, the two are friendly, and when Tucker realized the fan who was chirping at him was Wanda, he smiled amid the heat of the competition and told her he loved her.